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Update and track everything at one single place.

What is 1View?
1View is a app that gives you super powers to do more in less time.

You can easily add 1View to your dashboards and board views within few seconds.

See and update all tasks from one place

When your projects get bigger and bigger we know that you need a single place to see and update multiple tasks from different boards without switching pages. That's why we created 1View.

Create custom views

Did you ever want to create personal views that are tailor-made just for you. Now 1View can help you.

Track sprints with timelines

Keep everybody on track by setting time durations for filters and showing them in a high level timeline.



Advanced Filters

Over 170+ filter conditions to chain with unlimited AND or OR.


Collect different items from different boards into a single list.

Auto Sort

Filters will sort automatically when their related board data changes.

Quick Status Updates

Update multiple items from multiple boards within one page.

Personal Notes

Jot personal notes to items and they are only visible for you.

Sprint Timelines

Set high level timelines for sprints to track them easily.

Graph Views

Group & visualize filter data with Status, People and Groups.


Personalize filters and collections for your look and feel.

Import/Export Views

Create duplicates of 1View widgets by importing/exporting.


Is this free?

Yes. At the moment 1View is at it's early stages and we are collecting feedback and suggestions to improve further. In future with additional features and updates, 1View may add subscription plans.

How many column types are supported?

Column types except Sub tasks, Progress, Formula and Mirror are supported by filters at the moment. We are continuously adding updates to add these missing column types in future. If you find more unsupported column types, please write to us.

Why some changes are not updated automatically?

At the moment monday only provides a handful of item update events for apps. Therefore events like items deletions, name changes are not updated automatically in filters. In these times you can manually refresh the filter through three dot menu options.

Can I control 1View permissions?

By default only the creator of a 1View can add changes to filters and collections. Others will have read access for filters and collections except for the personal notes. At anytime the widget owner can give edit access to any team member through widget settings.

I have another question?

Sure. We're more than happy to help you. Send your questions and feedback at


100% Data Security

All your data is stored within monday and we do not store or transfer them anywhere.

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