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Save time by automating Standups

Host asynchronous recurring Standup meetings in

What is Standup?
Standup is a 100% app that can host asynchronous recurring standups to save time.

You can easily integrate Standup to your organization through "Standup Meetings" workspace template.

Asynchronous standups meetings

Standup can collect status updates at any given time interval and everyone will be notified when someone posts updates.

Tailor-made standups for your team

Personalize your standup with custom intro, outro messages and custom questions.

Lead your team to success

Built on top of your already loving features and boost your team performance with Standup.



Custom Teams

Create multiple standups with different teammates.

Recurring Standups

Set custom time and week days for your standup.

Time-zone Support

Ability to send standup reminders in users time zone.


Set custom intro, outro messages and questions.

Write Comments

Ability to write comments for status updates.

App Independency

Even if you uninstall the Standup, the data will be still accessible.

Data Security

All standup updates and their replies are stored in the board.

Access Management

Ability to set multiple admins for your standup.

Data Export

Export all of your daily standup updates via inbuilt monday export.


Is this free?

You will get a 14 day trial period to try out Standup. You don't require a credit card to start the trial period. Once the trial period is over, you can subscribe to one of our monthly or yearly paid plans. See Pricing

Do you store Standup data?

All your Standup data is stored within a monday board and we do not store or transfer them anywhere else. Data processing is happened only in the client side using monday APIs ensuring 100% data privacy. This enables you to access your previous Standup data even after you uninstall Standup.

I have another question?

Sure. We're more than happy to help you. Send your questions and feedback at


100% Data Security

All your standup updates are stored within monday and we do not store or transfer them anywhere.

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