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Best way to manage workload and resources in monday.

Team View is the perfect place for resource and workload management, making it easy to see what people are working on now as well as in the future.

What is Team View?
Team View is a app that helps you to track and manage your team's workload efficiently.

You can easily add Team View to your dashboards within few seconds.

Track & manage workloads

With Team View, you can see a summary of all team members with their done percentages and tasks assigned for them. This helps to keep track of the project progress and identify how tasks are delegated between people.

Workload Capacities

You can define workload capacities as tasks or time estimates. This allows you to see each team member's current workload and identify who is overloaded and who is free.

Do more... Less hassle!

Unlike other monday apps, Team View has no limits on the number of boards that can be connected. It also supports sub items and you can create awesome views with no time.

Team View is built from the ground up to support heavy data loads and it offers an advanced item view to do more in less time.



No Board Limits

Configure unlimited boards without any limits.

Sub-items Support

View and manage workload of sub items.

Workload Map

Visualize current workload of your team.

Done %

Identify done and not done tasks with their percentages.

Tasks vs Time

Track your team by both tasks and time estimates.

Workload Capacities

Identify overloaded teammates with capacities.

Status Breakdown

Summary of each team member's task statuses.

Due Dates

Filter and visualize tasks by their due dates.

People Cards

Analyze each team member's tasks summary.

Drag & Drop

Easily switch task assignees by drag and drop.

Advanced Filters

Filter items with multiple AND & OR conditions.

Custom Sorting

Multiple sorting options to identify overloaded people.

Advanced Item View

Improved item view to update details and post updates.

Status Timeline

Visualize timeline of a task's status and identify bottlenecks.

Dark Mode

Choose between dark and light themes.


Is this free?

You will get a 14 day trial period to try out Team View. You don't require a credit card to start the trial period. Once the trial period is over, you can subscribe to one of our monthly or yearly paid plans. See Pricing

Do you store board data?

Your board data is only stored within monday and we do not store or transfer them anywhere. Data processing is happened only in the client side using monday APIs ensuring 100% data privacy.

I have another question?

Sure. We're more than happy to help you. Send your questions and feedback at


100% Data Security

All your data is stored within monday and we do not store or transfer them anywhere.

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